2.Good Morning
3.What' your name?
5.This is my head.
6.I have long legs.
7.I can sing and dance.
8.Revision : Unit 2
9.Who is she?
10.Who's this?
11.Who are they?
12.Revision : Unit 3
13.What are you?
14.Are you a dancer?
15.Who works in
the hospital?
16.We can see
student at...
17.Revision I
18.Revision II
20.At the Supermaket
21.At the Food court
22.At a Restaurant
23.Months 1
24.How many days...?
25.Months 2
26.Special Days
27.My Routine
28.Revision : Unit 6
30.Where is your pet?
31.Birds and Insects
32.Revision : Unit 7
33.Let's Play Game
34.Let's Play : Sports
35.My Hobby
36.Revision : Unit 4
37.Revision III
38.Revision IV